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Ruling on compensation for car accidents

The original is that the person who commits the accident is the one who bears the damages resulting from him and pays the damages. If he contracts with an insurance company to carry this damage, there is nothing wrong with that, and take the compensation and his right fully from the insurance company even if they are monthly. Committed to paying full rights.

Types of insurance contracts

  • This insurance includes the type of disability insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and pension insurance. This insurance is established by the state and government institutions in order to insure workers and employees. A sum of the worker’s salary is deducted during his work and the state adds an amount. The employee shall be paid a monthly salary. Compensation shall also be paid to the injured person in addition to the cost of treatment. This insurance is permissible according to the agreement of the scholars.
  • Cooperative insurance: a group of persons agreeing to pay each of them in the event of injury to one of the injured, is compensated for the damage suffered by him, and no inviolability in this type of insurance to enter into the contract of contributions and is in order to cooperate on the good, everyone pays And most of this type of insurance is between the owners of one craft, such as: engineers, doctors and workers.
  • Commercial insurance; includes both accident insurance, life insurance, transportation, fire, theft and housing insurance, and this type of insurance differs among scientists.

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